Attending Workshops and Classes

All participants must be assessed before joining the group.

Prior to attending a class or group, the client has to have a professional assessment by myself. This ensures that your problems are recognised and discussed so that appropriate management can be set in place.

A Back for the Future

A professionally managed exercise and relaxation class aimed at those wishing to prevent or improve existing back and musculoskeletal problems, held on Friday mornings in Arundel.

Pain Management

Education  -  ways to reduce pain using pain management principles
Exercise  -  teaching you the most appropriate exercises
Stress management  -  includes relaxation and mindfulness techniques

Recent research has shown that the approach I use for pain management benefits patients. Following sessions they generally have a greater understanding of the reasons for their pain and experience less, they have improved fitness levels and a better quality of life.

Workshop/Class in progress

Relaxing in a session